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Staff and Board Members

Interim Director/Children's Services

Melissa Schulz

Teen/YA Services

Paige Reimers

Library Assistant

Christen McClure

Library Volunteer

Carolyn Colosimo

Library Volunteer

Jessica Eichner

Board Members:


Deborah Fye

Vice President

Lynette Colvin


Claudia Porter


Ryan Beilstein


Brock Jensen, Patty McGuire, Emily Mitchell, Ross Thompson, Tiffany Frampton


Patron Sponsors and Friends of the Library

Patron Sponsors


Mark and Ping Gaffey
Deborah Bell 
Robert and Phyllis Crafton
Bob and Bobbie Davis 
Louise Ekas 
Sumner and Jan Forrest
Ken and Nancy Harris 
Russell and Laurie Karl
Theo and Scott Kellogg
Ron and Connie Miller 
Sue Mraz
Constance K. and
G. Warren Smith


Stephanie Ralston


Melissa Schulz


Lois Ament


Shauna Holt-Pearcy

The Friends group meets quarterly on the first Thursday of the first  month of the quarter at 6:30 pm.


2024 Dates

Jan. 4

Apr. 4

June 27th

Oct. 3

Mission Statement and History

Mission Statement

The Slippery Rock Community Library provides a welcoming environment while connecting people to services, activities and technology to enrich life, foster literacy, inspire curiosity and stimulate imagination.

History of Library

For many years, Slippery Rock and other communities in this area were served by a Bookmobile. While attending SR Borough Council meetings and asking for funding for that Bookmobile, Jan Forrest also bemoaned the fact that Slippery Rock had no public library. At one of those meetings Ron Steele, then council president, told Jan that since the basement of the borough building wasn't being used, why not use that area for a library.

A meeting was held in July, 2004 for anyone interested in starting a public library in Slippery Rock. Twenty enthusiastic people attended and the effort was launched. The basement idea proved unfeasible and after much searching, the old paperback library at the park was selected and approved by the Park Board. Funds for the effort came from Borough Council, public contributions, money in an account from the old paperback Library and grants from the Snyder Foundation and the state.

The Slippery Rock Community Library opened its doors in June of 2005 and the SRCL Friends took over operating and supporting the library with the help of Butler County Federated Library System Extension Services.

Location & Hours

Library Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10-6:30pm 

Wednesday:  10-8pm

Saturday: 10-2:30pm
Closed Friday, & Sunday

Slippery Rock Community Library
465 North Main Street
PO Box 25
Slippery Rock PA 16057
(724) 738-9179

Located 42 miles north of Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock is an easy exit off highway 79 and five miles to the east. Many major routes meet in this neat little town. Route 108 will take travelers from I-79, through Slippery Rock and over to Route 8. Route 173 does a jog down from the town of Grove City, through Slippery Rock and over to Route 8, by the Old Stone House. And finally Route 258 (the road the library is on) goes from Slippery Rock to the Grove City Outlets.

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